Front row (L to R):  Joseph H., Audrey B. (Snyder) Fischer, Jean A. (Fischer) Boroch, John H., Mary I. (Fischer) McFadden

Back Row (L to R):  Herman W., John E., Donald L., Audrey C. (Fischer) Ulsamer, Frederick C., Raymond J., Robert L.


The earliest recorded history of our FISCHER ancestors was the birth of the first child of Christianus and Catharina Kohlerin Fischer. His name was Laurentius Fischer and he was born in Hausen im Killertal, South Germany, on August 8, 1610.  A succession of ancestors has been recorded since that time.

On February 6, 1863, Friedrich Wilhelm Fischer married Katharina Barbara Goetz and they produced three sons and one daughter.  Their names were William, Sebastian, John and Emilie (pronounced Amelia).  By 1881, the eldest, William, became old enough to be conscripted into the German Army.  Instead, he chose to come to America to avoid the draft.  The two other boys were only a few years younger and would soon face the same draft so in 1882 the remaining family (parents, two sons and the daughter) left Germany and moved south about 100  miles to St. Galen, Switzerland and became citizens.  There John studied to become a shoemaker and Sebastian went to Rorschach and studied artistry.

When William came to the United States he came directly to Williamsport and in 1883 was married and became a shoemaker.  He probably came to Williamsport because his grandmother Goetz and Mary, the sister of his mother, already lived here.

In 1886 the remainder of the family who were still living in Switzerland decided to scrape together enough money and in May traveled up through Germany to the port of Bremen.  They landed in New York on June 12, 1886.  They presumably came directly to Williamsport by rail.

All the children married within three or four years.  Grandfather John married Magdalena Stopper.  They parented four boys and four girls.  All these children are now deceased.  The last to die was Emil E. who died only about a month ago.

By 1938 only Emilie, among all the children who came from Germany, was still alive.  Also alive were the widows of John and William. Together with all the living children of the families of William, Sebastian, John and Emilie a decision was made to have a reunion of all descendants.  The first was held in 1938, and after nearly 60 years the last was held in the mid 1990’s.

Our father John H. died in 1963.  Our mother was Audrey Snyder.  In 1968, the ten children of John and Audrey decided to have a big party for the oldest son Herman, whose birthday was July 4th.  This turned into our first reunion and we are celebrating the 33rd reunion this year. Although John H., Audrey, Herman and John E. are now gone along with 5 grandchildren, we have grown from 81 members to 271 members in 33 years and as of July 4, 1999 we are still growing.  Pop especially would be very proud indeed of the closeness and love among his children and grandchildren.  May it continue for many years to come.


Written by Robert L. Fischer, July 2000.


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  1. 1 rfischer2 August 24, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    nice history, It would be nice if the current family members have a place to put their childhood memorys to pass on for the future generations.



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